Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog!

I’m excited to test out the blogging world and share semi-DIY projects and ideas with you. I’ve been crafting for years and love hosting events, but my impatience craves instant gratification—hence, the semi-DIYness. My ability to photo-document things is lacking, but I’m hoping to improve upon that and pretty it all up (or at least Instagram it).

In 2011, I’m looking forward to offering DIY backup and wedding day-of-coordination.

What is DIY backup?
When you start a crafty DIY project (e.g. place cards, favors, decorations) that you realize is too time-consuming or challenging to finish, I can come in to wrap things up. This could include acquiring additional materials, boosting what’s completed, nicely packaging things—whatever DIY backup you need.

What is wedding day-of-coordination?
When you’ve planned out your dream wedding and just need someone to execute the details, that’s where I come in—so you and your family can enjoy the special day. This could include organizing the wedding rehearsal, managing ceremony and reception setup, coordinating vendors and deliverables, and handling payments/gratuities.

Use the Contact page to get more info.

This is just the beginning of so much fun!

🙂 Linda

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