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Dipped Wooden Utensils

Gift from the registry or off the registry? I always waver on the decision of getting the person what they want/picked out or something a little more personal/that I want to give them. For a recent bridal shower, I decided … Continue reading

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Housewarming Presents: Semi-DIY Planter and Sign

My friends recently bought their first home together, giving me a reason to get outta my crafting rut. (I can’t believe it’s almost April and it’s been months since I crafted, yikes!) I had to come up with something cool … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope Felt Necklace

I pinned this kaleidoscope necklace from Etsy by HOMAKO a while back—I love DIY felt projects for the low cost of materials and variety of colors available at any craft store. Since I’m slow at making crafts for myself, I … Continue reading

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Earth Day – Upcycling Old Tees

In honor of Earth Day yesterday and in preparation for a brunch/craft party next week, I spent my Sunday making decorations and samples from some of C-Man’s old tees. There are so many possibilities for upcycling/reconstructing old tees, just do … Continue reading

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Semi-DIY State Nail and String Art

After seeing state nail and string art popping up on Pinterest last fall, I was sure it would be one of my Christmas DIY presents. Unfortunately, Princemas preparations took up my November and December crafting mojo. But when this wedding … Continue reading

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Library Stack Necklace

Back to jewelry-making! I bookmarked this Craftster tutorial on how to make a library stack necklace a while ago and finally had the time to get back to crafting. Plus it gave me a chance to go shopping at Salvation … Continue reading

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Big Pops Poppin’

Chocolate pecan pie poppin’. 🙂 Another dessert on a stick, but I love how adorable pops look. This was a last minute present I threw together that I hope the birthday gal will enjoy. I’m crossing my fingers that they … Continue reading

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