Earth Day – Upcycling Old Tees

In honor of Earth Day yesterday and in preparation for a brunch/craft party next week, I spent my Sunday making decorations and samples from some of C-Man’s old tees. There are so many possibilities for upcycling/reconstructing old tees, just do a quick search on Pinterest. I hate sewing so I only went with no-sew projects. You can do a lot with just scissors and glue. ;-P

Here are some of the items I made (#1-4) or plan to make at the craft party (#5-7):

1. T-shirt Pom Pom Garland by Blog A La Cart – A men’s medium tee makes about five pom poms. Wrapping the t-shirt yarn around my fingers made the pom poms quite small so I went with wrapping it a little loosely 22-23 times around my iphone. I used a long piece of t-shirt yarn and knotted it around each pom pom for hanging. The most time-consuming part was cutting out the long strip to make t-shirt yarn. It seemed to go on forever!

2. Tee Scarf by Shwin & Shwin – Using a men’s medium, I was able to get 15 rings and looped them into quarters. This was a quick project, maybe 30 minutes at most. It’s definitely past scarf weather here in Austin, but this will be a good fall accessory.

3. Jersey Knit Bracelet by V and Co. – I made the two finger version. I was a bit confused on how to connect the different strips so I ended up making an ugly knot when my strips came apart.

4. T-shirt Bag by Leethal – This was super easy and will come in handy at the market.

5. Rosette Jersey Bracelet by U Create – I’ve made these rosettes before for a friend’s wedding and think this would work well for a bracelet, necklace, or headband.

6. T-shirt Flower by A Bit of Sunshine – you can use this technique and cut out circles, rounded squares, hearts, etc. instead of a flower petal to create different flower shapes. You can make these into hair clips, pins, magnets, necklaces—just put a flower on it! 🙂

7. Knotted Headband by You Seriously Made That – except with T-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn has so many possibilities, especially if you know how to knit.

(Photos from the websites mentioned in 5-7)

I’m excited for all the things we’ll make next week and the creativity my friends will bring. I hope you’re inspired to repurpose one of your old tees!

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8 Responses to Earth Day – Upcycling Old Tees

  1. Phyllis Kung says:

    OK, super excited for sunday! I am bringing 500million old tees!

  2. how cool. I think the knotted headband is calling my name! I will have to give it a try.

  3. Totally inspired! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Suzanne De La Croix says:

    these are crazy cute! def gonna make some!

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