Semi-DIY Holiday Cards

Personalized holiday cards–it’s like we’re a real family! Neither C-Man or I are great photographers so we googled images that would convey the cute/cheesy things I love and his love of all things gangsta.

At first, we came up with this 5×7 card:

We racked our brains for what to say on the inside of the card and couldn’t agree on anything. Finally, we decided to switch out the cat for a dog and ended up with this (pretty gangsta-cute, don’t ya think?) :

Our local post office ran out of holiday stamps but the animal shelter stamps worked well with our cards.


  • 8.5×11 100lb white paper
  • 5.25×7.25 envelopes
  • Postage stamps


  • Paper trimmer
  • Bone folder

I took the design to a Fedex/Kinko’s for color printing. I ended up saving $50 on the color printing because the cashier misquoted how much it would cost.

I cut the paper down to 10×7 and C-Man used the bone folder to crease them. He figured out how to use the bone folder with this youtube video.

It was an extremely time consuming process. Next year, we’ll use a card template from Fedex/Kinko’s or somewhere similar to print them so that we don’t have to cut and fold the cards ourselves. Also, we’ll be sure to have return address labels and begin the process over Thanksgiving instead of the week before Christmas. Live and learn.

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