Semi-DIY Goody Bags

I’m excited to be helping my friends host an all-female pool party with henna, acupuncture, massages, music, food, drinks, and photography. All tips/donations will go to a local nonprofit, SafePlace. It’ll be my first time trying henna and acupuncture so it should be interesting.

For my contribution, I decided to make goody bags because I have fond memories of receiving them at parties when I was kid, plus who doesn’t love free swag? The bags include information about SafePlace, the organizers’ business cards, and of course, girly goodies. 

The Dollar Store is one of my favorite places for miscellaneous crafting so I started there. I bought brown paper bags to hold the goodies and clinched the bag with a tissue paper flower (3-4 sheets per flower). Even though I got tired of making tissue paper flowers for my niece’s birthday party, I still think they’re a cute, easy, and cheap way to decorate.

The Semi-DIY goodies include:

1. Small scented candle from the Dollar Store – I wrapped the candle in plastic and taped on part of a doily to pretty it up.

2. Resin flower ring – I bought resin flowers and ring bases from Etsy and hot glued them together. Another easy goody that doubles as my business card.

3. Tazo tea bag in Zen or Calm.

4. Cookies – I’m not the best baker (probably because I don’t like desserts), but I made a couple baking attempts.

I had lots of black cocoa left over from the Princemas cookies and wanted to use my cookie press. I tried this recipe for Dark Chocolate Spritz Cookies and realized I don’t like almond extract. So 50+ cookies → temporarily frozen until I figure out what to do with them.

One of the few cookies I do enjoy are lace cookies. I attempted this recipe for Classic Lace Cookies except I replaced the almonds with pecans and corn syrup with honey. They came out much sweeter than I expected → trashed!

On a Costco run, I spotted chocolate-filled lace cookies on sale. I gave in and bought them instead of making another potential cookie failure. I wrapped the laceys individually in plastic bags with ribbon. Even though they aren’t homemade, they at least look kinda fancy.

Woohoo SWAG!

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