Ranch Wedding – Flip Cup and Bulls

An old work friend from LA got hitched at the Flying L Guest Ranch in Bandera, Texas this past weekend. The wedding had lots of country dancing, cowboy hats, BBQ, and Texan charm. It started with a formal church ceremony and ended with flip cup (players ranging from a singing grandpa to an 11-year-old!). C-Man and I definitely enjoyed ourselves but wore out a little early—this being our third wedding in a row. But the bride and groom looked so happy and at ease with everything.

(reception entrance)

Here are a few wedding highlights from the Cowboy Capital of the World.

I was most excited about taking a photo with a bull. Unfortunately, knowing my clumsiness, I didn’t try to get on the longhorn in heels and a dress, but C-Man enjoyed saddling up.

I love silly photo ops for guests at weddings. Below are some of my favorites:

Three fall weddings down, one to go! 🙂

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1 Response to Ranch Wedding – Flip Cup and Bulls

  1. Kim Dao says:

    Looks like a fun wedding!! Love the details but would like it even btr if you posed on the bull!

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