Easy Crafty Fix

This has been a busy week at my day job so I haven’t been able to DIY much. But I needed my crafty fix! I decided some easy cutting crafts would satisfy my craving and be useful as well. I hope these mini-projects are helpful when you get that itch. 😉


1. Cloth napkins/gift wrap

Materials/tools: scrap fabric and pinking shears.

I had leftover fabric from previous projects and decided to trim them with pinking shears (this reduces fraying) to make cloth napkins. These are also great as reusable gift wrap. Just tie the fabric in a knot on top of the present.

2. Kirigami flowers

Materials/tools: origami or thin paper and sharp scissors.

My Japanese-themed birthday party will be in a couple weeks so I decided to make a kirigami flower garland for decoration. Fold a square piece of paper into 6ths, 8ths, 10ths, or 12ths and cut out different shapes, this is similar to how you made paper snowflakes as a kid. Here’s a tutorial for reference: Decor It Yourself

3. Bath Time Foam Letters

Materials/tools: colored foam and Xacto knife

Cut out foam letters, numbers, shapes, etc. using an Xacto/craft knife. When wet, the foam will stick to bath tiles and tubs. This is an easy DIY present for young kids, but only for kids who have stopped putting everything in their mouths.

Yay for quick and easy results!

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1 Response to Easy Crafty Fix

  1. Lindsay says:

    less day job, more craft!

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