Cricut Virgin

A long-time crafter, but a Cricut virgin—yup, embarrassing but that’s me. 🙂 Luckily, a couple friends gave me a Cricut for my 30th birthday. I was cutting up a storm trying to figure out how it works. It’s so nifty and even after only a few uses, I highly recommend it.

Here’s what I made so far:

1. Thank you signs for party favors

I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge with a 6 cut pressure and 1 inch setting for the bubble.  I stamped on a “thanks!” with my Martha Stewart Crafts Set Your Own Stamp Kit (the reviews about the small letters falling out are true, but a good buy if you use one of those 40%/50% coupons to Joann’s/Michael’s like I did). I glued a craft stick to the back and stuck it in the succulent pot. I taped a piece of ribbon around the pot for more color. All my wonderful succulents came from East Austin Succulents.

2. Sake prize signs

I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge with 6 cut pressure, 2 inch setting, and slotted option for the circle.  The numbers were cut out at 1 inch with shadow and glued to the circles. Attached with curling ribbon, each “medal” identifies the prizes for the sumo wrestling champions.

3. Other prize signs

I again used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge with 6 cut pressure and 2.5 inch setting for the tags. I didn’t get a chance to brainstorm with C-Man on the miscellaneous awards for the Hello Panda cookies so they ended up being participation awards.

I can’t wait to make more things with my Cricut. There will definitely need to be Princemas cutouts, too bad there isn’t a cartridge for that!

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3 Responses to Cricut Virgin

  1. Sumo Wrestling!?!?!?! Sooo jealous! This device sounds pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. And can we please have some sumo wrestling photos?

  2. Christie says:

    Wow!!! These looked great. How hard was it to get the hang of?

    • semidiy says:

      It was super easy! It’s just figuring out how big to make things. I highly recommend it, but it is limited by how many cartridges you buy which can cost $30-80 each.

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