Blogger Gift Exchange

I was excited to get in on the Lovely Package Exchange, hosted by Oh Hello Friend. It’s a gift exchange among bloggers—which as of last year, I qualify as a blogger! 🙂 Unknown if it was random or on purpose, but I got matched with a fellow Austinite, Gretchen. We met up at Quack’s last week to exchange presents instead of sending them in the mail.

The emphasis is on sending a “lovely package” with a present of about $30. Gretchen likes foxes, so I got her some fox mittens from Uncommon Goods, fox and moose socks from Forever 21, and origami magnets (one depicts a fox) from the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.

For the packaging, I made felt poms. I cut out strips of felt, made small cuts along one edge, and then rolled and glued it together (you could also sew it together after it’s been rolled up, but I hate sewing). Super easy! I wrapped the box in packing paper and then a strip of holiday wrapping paper. It was all tied together with red ribbon and had three felt poms attached.

Gretchen gifted me a cute yellow butter dish, earrings, a notepad, a Tacodeli giftcard, and a CD mix she made. She used a tissue paper roll, a striped crepe paper bag, and a card clipped with a glittered clothespin for her packaging.

I’m so happy that I made my first friend through the blogging world. I’m looking forward to more blogging connections!

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2 Responses to Blogger Gift Exchange

  1. Lindsay says:

    Those felt poms are awesome. I wish I had known about those pre-holidays!

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