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Semi-DIY T-shirt Painting

This past Saturday was my friend Miah’s birthday, yes of Mondays with Miah. Part of the themed party was a t-shirt making contest since Miah loves punny shirts. There was also food in a coffin and the video game Chu-Chu … Continue reading

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Creating Artwork with a Cricut

My new place has a zillion times more wall space than my old duplex so I needed to get creative aka good at copying. I found these Pinterest inspirations: Hello sign from Sweet Pickins and Wake Up sign from Etsy. Then … Continue reading

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Painting By Tape – Semi-DIY Home Decor

Painter’s tape/frog tape is amazing! There’s so much potential, especially with Pinterest inspiration. Here’s three fun projects I created for my new place.

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Star Trek Bachelorette

A couple weekends ago, I flew out to Vegas for a friend’s Star Trek themed bachelorette party. The theme was a surprise for the bride—who thoroughly enjoyed it, even though she’s more a Next Generation Trekkie than The Original Series … Continue reading

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Semi-DIY Business Cards

Last week I had a networking event to attend—Thursday Therapy—a monthly gathering of wedding professionals for a night of mingling along with yummy food and drinks. I’ve been procrastinating with making business cards because I wanted to design a logo. But … Continue reading

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