Semi-DIY T-shirt Painting

This past Saturday was my friend Miah’s birthday, yes of Mondays with Miah. Part of the themed party was a t-shirt making contest since Miah loves punny shirts. There was also food in a coffin and the video game Chu-Chu Rocket played on a screen-projector setup outside. Can you figure out the overarching theme? 🙂

With design ideas from babette, I had these grand plans of how to execute the t-shirts—so I get a little competitive—but after two major fails, I gave up and just went with basic fabric paints. 

So the first fail was attempting this DIY screenprinting tutorial. It was so hard to stretch the nylon and trace the letters that I just gave up. I also broke one of the embroidery hoops in the process. I think this would have worked a lot better with a simple design instead of letters.

My next attempt was using fabric spray paint. Apparently I’m a little too trigger-happy and the paint bled way beyond my stencil. 😦 I wasted two super-soft tees from Nordstrom Rack!

With less than two hours before the party, I rushed to Hobby Lobby to get some black and white fabric paint and two new shirts. Using my handy-dandy Cricut, Contact Paper, and fabric paint, I was finally able to create these (Rockwell and Amatic SC font):

I should just go the simple route next time instead of trying to semi-diy-complicate it. 🙂


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3 Responses to Semi-DIY T-shirt Painting

  1. You’re persistent. I would’ve probably called it quit after the first try. Rock on. The final result is awesome!

  2. Mar says:

    Puns forever! What pun shirt won?

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