Hot Chocolate Party!

photo (61)Although it’s December, it was over 70°  in Austin this past Sunday. Yikes! Not the ideal environment for an afternoon hot chocolate party, but lots of fun was still had. Over 30 of my wonderful friends stopped by for some hot chocolate and snacks—some even wearing shorts. 🙂

Here are a few highlights:

Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate on a spoon – recipe from Giver’s Log but using the microwave to melt the chocolate instead of a double boiler. My friend Bao sent me this idea a few months ago, and I had to run with it. So easy too! I made dark chocolate and milk chocolate spoons using a plastic mold, but everyone went for the dark chocolate. (I bought wooden spoons from Amazon and melting chocolate from Make It Sweet.)

hot chocolate on a spoon

Liquid mixers – whole milk, almond milk, hot water, coffee, Bailey’s, caramel vodka, and Buttershots.

Other toppings/stirrers – peppermint sticks, peppermint sprinkles, cinnamon sticks, cookie sticks, marshmallows, and whipped cream.




party food


La Pham Nikita provided some winter henna. I love my snowflakes!

photo (59)

Decorate-your-own-gingerbread-person station with a variety of frosting, sprinkles, disco dust, and candy for personalization. (I used a Betty Crocker mix to make the gingerbread people since I’ve been working 10 hour days 😦 )

gingerbread people

Party favors

Painted mugs – this was an extremely labor-intensive semi-diy project that I have learned to never do again in such large quantities. It took place over 5 evenings: one night to cut out the stencils on Contact Paper using my Cricut and sticking them on each glass mug; one night to paint them using red enamel; one night to bake them; one night to remove the sticky residue left by the baked-on Contact Paper (using erasers, craft knives, and alcohol); and one night to wash/dry the mugs and attach tags. Whew! At least people seemed to appreciate them.

Painted holiday mugs


I went with a bit of a rustic red/beige/white theme. This included a yarn-wrapped foam “Joy” sign; yarn-wrapped, felt, and pine cone ornaments; craft paper signs; and hanging embroidery hoops with holiday fabric that looked like ornaments.

party decor

Preparing for the party was quite stressful with my currently hectic day job, but I love filling my home with holiday cheer and friendly faces.

Looking in on some of the last guests.

last guests

Now on to the cleanup… :-/

Happy Holidays y’all!
xoxo Linda

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5 Responses to Hot Chocolate Party!

  1. the party was amazing! really loved the endive appetizers 🙂 i was amazed that the mugs were also DIY, but I shouldn’t have been surprised 🙂

  2. Your parties are so impressive, Linda! Wish I didn’t live so darn far way.

  3. OMG those chocolate spoons look incrEDIBLE!!!! Tee hee hee see what I did there. Seriously, everything there looks crazy delicious.

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