Little Birthday Presents

Usually, I’m not into giving presents for adult birthdays, but a lot of my friends are turning 30 this year. It seems like a momentous time for some gift-giving. Plus it’s fun to figure out   a good present. Inspired by the Advent calendar, I decided to send 30 little presents to my friend who turned 30 this past Saturday.


It wasn’t easy to find 30 gifts that didn’t break the bank, especially since I only came up with the idea a little more than a week before her birthday.

The gifts were a mix of silly, cute, and hopefully useful. Here are some highlights:

  • Whoopie cushion – so hard to resist old-fashioned fun
  • Halawa – a great nutty spread for pita bread
  • Disco dust – because any food looks better with glitter 🙂
  • Doily-stamped ring dish
  • Colorful tights
  • Paper flower hair/notes clip – a mini version of the paper flower key holder
  • Monogrammed mug – I got one of these for a past birthday and loved it
  • Topo Chico vase/glass – using Ephrem’s bottle cutter kit, I cut off the top of a Topo Chico glass to use as a vase or for storage. The edges are a little too rough to be used as a drinking glass. I don’t recommend this bottle cutter kit since the results were about 1 good cut out of 10 bottles. :-/

I wrapped each present in tissue paper tied with red floss and a tag stamped with a number from 1-29. (#30 was a succulent arrangement delivered by Living Arrangements). I included a little note with each present. They all fit perfectly in the box and only took two days to ship from TX to CA.

This gifting gets me excited for Christmas. Yee!

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