Lunar New Year Potluck

year of the horse Lunar New Year sneaked up on me again this year. With it being so close after the winter holidays, I went with a casual potluck. We ate, drank, read our horoscopes for the not-so-lucky Year of the Horse, and played a little bau cua ca cop (gambling dice game). As a rooster and Marcus as a horse, we’re not supposed to gamble this year so we definitely lost all our quarters in the game. 

tet table

We provided pork and shrimp egg rolls, Vietnamese banh tet (pork rice cake), Korean dduk gook (rice cake soup), Peking duck from Din Ho, and hu tieu ap chao (veggie crispy rice noodles) from TC Noodle House. Our friends brought more alcohol, veggie spring rolls, dumplings, brownies, and cake.

lunar new yearIt was a nice potluck with a dozen or so of our friends. We had leftovers for days! Chuc mung nam moi!

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