Wedding Card Box

photo 1After quite a hiatus, I’m back to share with you a DIY wedding two-tier card box. This was for Marcus’ sister’s wedding back in October. The card box was inspired by those made by Jamie Kim Designs. It took about 4 hours and cost around $35 in materials–so you can see if it’s worth it to buy or DIY.  Continue reading

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Shabby Chic Banners

shabby chic bannerKim of The Ravenous Couple had a lovely shabby chic baby shower this past weekend. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend this yummy and pretty fete in CA, but I contributed a couple banners and some cake bunting to show my love for #ravenousbaby. 🙂 Continue reading

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A Cupcake Afternoon

photo (15)Last Sunday, a dozen or so of my lady friends came over for a cupcake party. There was cupcake-shaped food, Cupcake wine, and lots of cupcakes for decorating. It was a lovely afternoon of hanging out on the deck and food crafts. Continue reading

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DOCing for Megan and Jon’s Wedding

Megan and JonIt was a steamy, high allergy forecast kinda Saturday in Austin, but this happy couple had a lovely wedding at the scenic Paggi House. Megan and Jon had to plan their wedding from afar but with tons of help from family and friends, it all came together nicely. The theme was rustic romantic with the colors of blue, shades of purple, and white. Continue reading

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Dipped Wooden Utensils

Dipped utensilsGift from the registry or off the registry? I always waver on the decision of getting the person what they want/picked out or something a little more personal/that I want to give them. For a recent bridal shower, I decided on a combo of both–candle and oven mitt from the registry and DIY dipped wooden utensils. Continue reading

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